Friday, 15 February 2019

Land Clearance Not MRT Related

Land at the eastern end of the Tesco car park was cleared of a tent encampment at the beginning of February. There have been some suggestions that this was somehow related to the former East Reading Mass Rapid Transport project.

In fact the request to clear the land came from Thames Valley Police and the Council's Anti Social Behaviour team as the area had been occupied by four tents for several months and posed a significant public health and safety risk (sharps/needles) and a lot of detritus had been left behind when the site was abandoned.

The site has been inspected by the Council's Tree Officer and it is expected  that the coppiced ash trees will form new shoots this growing season. No further on-going work is either in process or planned for the site.

The site was cleared by tractor and bucket as it was unsafe to do so by hand. On arrival it was evident that the tent dwellers had been cutting back trees for fire wood and several tree limbs were trimmed to tidy them up and provide access for clearance. Several self-seeded, multi stemmed ash trees were found to have been coppiced by the tent dwellers (again presumably for fire wood) and the cuts made by the tent dwellers were again tidied up by Council staff.

No trees have been felled (by the tent dwellers or Council staff) but several self-seeded, multi stemmed Ash trees have been coppiced as a result of the initial vandalism and tidying works. 

Friday, 25 January 2019

Redlands Resident Mo McSevney Picked By Labour

REDLANDS resident Mo McSevney has been chosen as the Labour Party candidate for this year’s Reading Borough Council elections in May 2019.

Mo lives in Rothbury Court on the Hexham Road estate with her partner and children.

She is a community organiser in south Reading, based in Northumberland Avenue, working to develop job opportunities and improve local facilities in the area. 

Her job has meant working with businesses and employers, including the university, Reading Buses and the council.

Mo said “I’m delighted to have been chosen to stand by Redlands Labour Party to represent the ward I live in. I believe that we need to stand up and make ourselves heard, so working with friends and neighbours, I have pressed the council on a wide range of issues including our park and open spaces, communal gardens, showers, bathrooms and bin rooms.

Jan, David and Tony are an impressive team of campaigners. I hope that with your trust I will be able to join them and our MP Matt Rodda in achieving more for the place I live in.”

Reading East MP Matt Rodda (pictured with Mo) said “I’ve known Mo for many years and I’m so pleased she is now getting a chance to serve on the council. I have no doubt that Mo will be a hard-working representative and a strong voice for Redlands and she has my full support.”

Thursday, 24 January 2019

Thank You Jan Gavin

Jan Gavin To Stand Down 
From Council

After eight years of dedicated service to Redlands residents Councillor Jan Gavin has decided to stand down from the council at the next elections in May 2019.
First elected in 2011, Jan soon became a familiar face around the ward leading on campaigns such as protecting our terraced streets as balanced communities; investment in our Council housing stock; improvements to Cintra Park; bespoke and innovative resident parking schemes; and so many more.
Jan has taken a special interest in planning matters and has served on the Planning Committee for the last eight years.
As well as being an active ward Councillor Jan was also a member of the Council’s leadership team for six years.
Jan said “I would like to thank the residents of Redlands for trusting me to be their representative on the council for the last eight years. It has been a privilege which I never took for granted. It has also been a very enjoyable and fascinating learning experience. 
I have met so many lovely residents over the years, who I hope I was able to help and who have certainly enriched my life. So, thank you Redlands.
The local Labour Party have selected Mo McSevney to stand for election in my place this May. 
Mo lives in Redlands and is already very active in the community. Mo will do a great job as your local councillor and I urge you to support her in May’s local elections.”
Redlands Matters says the role of a local councillor is often misunderstood, with some people believing that councillors are full-time employees of the council: this is not the case. To have served for eight years in a time of steadily reducing resources is a tremendous achievement, so we say:

Thank You Jan!