Saturday, 18 September 2010

Clegg: Popular With Tories But Not Mums

Thanks to Richard Willis for highlighting the latest poll which shows that Clegg is now more popular with Tory supporters than with LibDems.

The new Ipso-Mori poll for Reuters shows that the Conservatives have hung on to their full vote share from the general election, but that a swing towards Labour has come solely from the LibDems.

Clegg's net satisfaction rating is 20% points higher among Conservative supporters than supporters of his own party. Martin Boon, an experienced pollster at ICM, says that he can't recall any other occasion where a leader has been less popular among his own tribe than those of another party. He describes it as "an extraordinary development", and adds that as the LibDems have already "haemorrhaged support to their left" it is even more striking to find that "the rump of loyalists are less keen their own man than the Conservatives seem to be".

Meanwhile Clegg took a pasting last week on Mumsnet, with the follwoing typical of his reception:

"I voted LibDem at the last election. Prior to the election, our LibDem candidate came round canvassing and I asked him "What will the LibDems do in the case of a hung parliament? I don't want to vote for you and end up having voted for a Tory government". He told me the LibDems would NOT be 'king-makers' and that in our area, only the Liberal Democrats to beat the Tories, so the only way to keep out the Tories was to vote Lib-Dem.

So I feel pretty bad now, that I was so let down by a party that has become regressive in its economic policies. And I am becoming increasingly tired of hearing LibDem ministers saying they had changed economic policies just after the election 'because of Greece'. Greece is a different country with a different economy. You changed policy because you wanted power, you wanted to be the first Liberals in government for decades."

In the end, Clegg could only plead he isn't a Tory - yeh, right!

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