Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Clegg’s LibDems Have Spent Their Capital In Its Entirety

This article caught my eye about the public's changing reaction to Clegg and his coalition party. It's worth a read, but here are a few extracts:

"Chancellor George Osborne will reveal the results of his comprehensive spending review on October 20. The results, however presented – necessary, fair, unavoidable, progressive and the rest – are certain to be brutal. Then the LibDems will have some explaining to do.

Those who succumbed to Cleggmania did not vote for this. The aim, now all but explicit, is to level the public sector once and for all.

Mr Osborne and Mr Cameron at least have an ideological purpose. It is coherent, as far as it goes, and consistent. The LibDems have no such excuse. As they prepare a return to the ethos of private wealth and public squalor that so disfigured the 1980s – any news on banking reform? – they stand exposed as a confused and divided party.

The polls, bad enough now, will get worse. The AV referendum will be lost less because the reform offered is pitiful than because trust in Mr Clegg, Vince Cable and the rest will have evaporated.

Forget the philosophical positions. The public sector may represent a deplorable culture of dependency ripe for Danny Alexander’s Treasury axe, if you believe the cant, but it also contains a fair slice of the electorate in these parts. That’s people, fearful for their jobs, who are not stupid – witness that poll – and who possess both memories and a vote.

Mr Clegg has supplied no answer. After decades spent demanding the chance to show its mettle in government, his party has expended its capital, moral and intellectual, in the space of months. The baby has gone. The bath water is murky and cold."

I have to say, this is beginning to chime with what I am picking up around the streets in Redlands.

UPDATE: Some younger readers have asked me to explain the photo: here's another clue - and we know how that ended!

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