Monday, 27 September 2010

It's Ed Miliband - Yes!!

There's already been a load of hogwash about Ed Miliband having been elected by "the unions". Thankfully John Smith ablolished the "block vote" in 1993. Sadly, though, he didn't push through the "one member, one vote" system, so Labour once again laid itself open to the superficial political analysis we've seen over the last couple of days, quickly repeated by the ignorant, unthinking or just plain biased.

The fact that the votes of 264 MPs could have the same influence as 126,312 constituency members, let alone the 206,640 individual members of various associations (yes, including trade unions) has always appeared odd to me. At that ratio, 1 MP = 478 branch members = 783 society members - with all due respect,that ain't right.

But more to the point, all MPs should also be constituency members and some, even today, be members of a trade union. That person, would get 3 votes (of differing value) in the election. Some might even get 5 or 6 votes. Why? That's not a particularly good system is it?

However, now that's all said and done. I'm delighted that the disasterous Brown and Darling era is finally over and that the right Miliband brother has won. David Miliband had several chances to get rid of Brown, but always dithered and backed off. At least Ed had the guts to go for the leadership, even with his brother as the leading opponent.

Anybody who under-estimates Ed Miliband - be they Tories, journalists or, yes, trade unionists - would be foolish to do so. (I couldn't resist this from the New Statesman)

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