Sunday, 12 September 2010

Redlands LibDems Have Disappeared

Redlands LibDems are fond of telling us that they are "working for Redlands all the year round" and their supposed use of modern means of communication.

Sad to see, therefore, that their website tells us that:

* Daisy was talking to residents, posted 349 days ago
* The next ward surgery at St Lukes will be on 12 September 2009, posted 382 days ago
* And they will be in Hexham Road on 18 July 2009, posted 424 days ago.

Since the May 2010 elections they've only posted on 3 days - on 14 May, 11 June and 1 July - no "In Focus" newsletters - hardly much like keeping in touch is it?

All over us before an election, then they get power and disappear into the Civic Offices.

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