Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Will Tories Finally Disown Lord Cashcroft?

Will the Tories now disown thier former Deputy Chairman and mega-donor billionaire Lord Ashcroft?

In the past couple of days he has slammed David Cameron for blowing the general election, then avoided paying £3.4million in taxes, despite previously promising to pay full taxes in the UK - what happened to "we are all in this together"?

According to Ashcroft, Cameron should have won a "thumping" victory instead of blundering into a coalition. Ashcroft also whinged that Cameron did not stick up for him enough when he was under attack over his non-dom tax status.

Perhaps Ashcroft is feeling sore after giving the Conservatives £15million to buy the election, he and his money are no longer needed. He delivered his damning assessment on Cameron in his book Minority Verdict.

But he criticises Cameron for letting slip a 20-point poll lead over Labour and asked: "Why did it not translate into a thumping majority?" He blamed the Tory's leader's failure to explain what he stood for and his decision to take part in TV debates. Many voters had little clear idea of what we stood for or what we intended to do in government."

He also made it clear he felt let down by Cameron after it emerged he was a non-dom who eased the nation's tax take on his vast fortune by stashing it mostly abroad. Labour said he had reneged on assurances given in 2000 that he would pay UK taxes when made a life peer.

Ashcroft wrote "It did prove to me that the Labour attack team was more effective than the Conservative defence team. They could have mounted a more spirited defence."

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