Saturday, 30 October 2010

Cameron "Betrayal" And Defeat In Europe

There are those in the Conservative Party who blame David Cameron for failing to deliver an overall majority at the general election.

Now, he appears to be irritating the likes of Daniel Hannan MEP and Lord Tebbit with his weak cave-in during discussions over the EU budget: some are even calling it "betrayal" and "surrender".

While Cameron blusters on about winning a "spectacular success" in limiting the increase in budget to 2.9%, the harsh reality is that it is nothing of the sorts: the 2.9% increase was agreed by Finance Ministers in August.

What happened to Cameron's big push for a budget cut, or at least a freeze, which he was promising only last week? Defeated.

And MEPs in the European Parliament, who voted by a whopping majority of 564 to 92 to increase the Budget next year by 6% to £114 billion, are not going to roll over and meekly accept 2.9%.

So what will Cameron have won? Nothing.

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