Sunday, 31 October 2010

Harriet Harman Was Wrong

I love red heads. I've always loved red heads of whatever hue.

What Harriet Harman said about Danny Alexander was wrong on so many fronts:

1. It was offensive. As Flashing Blade says "Think she would have called him a black rodent? Can't see that somehow, how about calling him a slag? Nope."

2. It wasn't funny. Alexander has already proved that the comparison with the muppet Beaker the bungling, hapless assistant is more apt.

3. Have fun at his expense for being someone who avoided paying capital gains tax on the profit he made from his taxpayer-funded second home in London, having told the House of Commons authorities that it was his second home, while telling the Revenue and Customs it was his main residence.

And then remind people that this is the LibDem who Cameron, Clegg & Osborne have put in charge of pursuing tax dodgers and evaders while cutting public services!

Now Harriet, that's the real joke!

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