Thursday, 7 October 2010

Return To Sutton?

That's Alfred Sutton Senior School, of course!

While it is to be hoped that cool heads will prevail and the current row over Wokingham council's move to exclude Reading school children from their schools will be resolved, isn't time we came up with a long term solution? I fear any answer now will just be putting sticking plaster on a problem that will eventually return, perhaps next time with less wriggle room.

Last year when Thames Valley University announced they were pulling out of Reading, I asked whether their Kings Road site could be used as an East Reading secondary school.

The whole question of why so many Reading kids are bussed out of town every day for their education must be reviewed again. This time the council should look at any opportunities for bringing back a secondary school on the Alfred Sutton and TVU sites at Crescent Road: as it stands, this is just about the only meaningful site left in east Reading.

I know from my own family experience how difficult these matters can be. As my son concluded his primary education at Redlands School - a truly outstanding school, in my opinion - we were faced with him having to go each day not to Maiden Erlegh, but on to Bulmershe. How on earth could that make any sense?

So come on councillors, sort it out, for once and for all!

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