Thursday, 25 November 2010

P**king Hell

The cosy LibDem/Tory coalition on Reading Council has come up with another way of ripping off local residents - from the New Year they will fine us for parking in our own streets.

Jan Gavin has the story for Redlands where Kirsten Bayes and the other LibDem councillors have decided which streets should be included and which streets - only three of them - will be exempted. The fact is that without kerb parking on at least one side many streets in Redlands would be impassable to all - cars, ambulances, fire engines, dust-bin lorries, the lot.

There has been no full public consultation of the matter in Redlands or anywhere else, nothing on the council's own website consultaton page - and no plans to advertise the new restrictions in any way in the affected streets before implementation!

UPDATE: The original title of this blog was "Coming To A Street Near You ...". However I have been contacted by a Redlands resident who lives in a terraced street not blessed by the LibDem exemptions, who has suggested/insisted I retitle it - which I have done.

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