Monday, 8 November 2010

Daisy's Dilemma: Back Bayes And Sacrifice Epps?

There will be some tough fights for council seats all across Reading East come next May.

No doubt the Greens will do their best to consolidate in Park ward, while the Tories will try to hang on to Church ward. But the biggest fights will almost certainly be had in Redlands and Katesgrove.

Facing a huge backlash from the voters, the LibDems have a real dilemma: do they concentrate their efforts in trying to save their leader Kirsten Bayes in Redlands, only to leave LibDem stalwart Gareth Epps exposed and vulnerable in Katesgrove?

They clearly do not have the resources to fight the two wards effectively, so they run the real risk of losing both seats. And as recent by-elections show, the LibDem tactic of bussing people in from outside the area doesn't necessarily work.

But what will Daisy do? Back Bayes (and so hope to save her own seat further down the line) or help an increasingly isolated Epps? In less than six months one or both will face the end of their current council careers.

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