Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Sweet 16

Once again thanks to Adrian Windisch for doing the work on the Berkshire Blogs.

So, this blog is up to 16th position after just three months - some of you just can't stop looking can you.

As far as the list goes, Redwood (#1) & Boulton (#2) have such a national reach that they will always be in a different league. To some extent this also applies to the real gold standard of Reading blogs Richard Willis (#9) and Jane Griffiths (#10). I like them both for being consistently good and sometimes bonkers. Adrian's own site (#11) is also always worth a read.

I don't understand why I haven't yet overtaken Richard Mckenzie (#14) - I probably need to take him to one side and have a quiet word. It is pleasing, though, to see local Labour sites on the rise - I can feel John Ennis' breath on the back of my neck (#20)!

Adrian asked me why there are now more Labour blogs. That's a question I will return to soon, though it is worth noting that many existing Reading Councillor blogs are either boring, erratic or dead.

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