Wednesday, 3 November 2010

This Won't Go Away

It's like something you've stepped in. In the town or country. And brought back to your home or car. Bleach it or scrub it - it won't go away.

The LibDems made pledging to vote against any increase in student tution fees one of thier big things. They sold it not just as an individual policy but as a core principle. They now say that once in power they discovered things were worse than they thought, and so they are doing the "grown up" thing - but this isn't true. (More on this later.)

And what we are finding on the streets of Redlands is that so many people who voted LibDem last time won't do so again. Not just moving across to Labour, but are angry and offering to help!

The removal of the local LibDem's leading collaborator Kirsten Bayes is now on. This is no big secret - all of Reading's party political activists know this is the big prize next May. The movement is underway.

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