Sunday, 7 November 2010

You Can't Trust The LibDems On Civil Liberties

What's the point of the coalition if the Tories just do what they want to do anyway?

Home Secretary Theresa May looks set to maintain the use of control orders, which are used to deal with terror suspects who cannot be deported or tried and put suspects under strict supervision such as curfews and bans on who they can meet.

But such a move cuts across a strong pre-election commitment by Nick Clegg to scrap them. Chris Huhne, Lib Dem Energy Secretary, said keeping control orders would undermine key British values. But Huhne, who has previously described control orders as "Kafkaesque", said "We voted against control orders repeatedly and I think that all of us in government frankly want to preserve the rule of law. It's an absolute key part of out tradition."

So will the LibDems use their position in the coalition to get them scrapped? Remember this is the same Clegg who pledged to vote against any increase in tuition fees and the same Huhne who used to preach against nuclear energy.

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