Thursday, 23 December 2010

Cameron & Osborne, You Can't Trust Them Say Lib Dems

The pantomine season really is in full swing with the latest Lib Dem Ministers (who we've never heard of before) giving vent to their true feelings about their Tory masters.

The Telegraph has done a great job of exposing the nonesense of this "brave coalition": the Lib Dems are being used to prop up a minority Tory government. That's why Cable wasn't sacked - if he'd been a Tory minister he would certainly have been kicked out.

So as Baker, Burstow, Cable and Heath all line up to whisper in little girls' ears "You can't trust the Tories", their closet Tory apologist, little mister Clegg runs to the front of the stage and shouts back "Oh yes you can!" They really are becoming more than a joke, beyond contempt.


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