Tuesday, 21 December 2010

No One In The Coalition Will Trust Vince Cable Now

It is said that Vince Cable may be about to discover that his colleagues don’t share his views on his own importance.

The Prime Minister and his deputy will be asked at their next press conference variations of the question: should Vince stay or should he be sacked? Mr Cameron in particular will have marked Mr Cable’s card for blurting out that the PM plans to go back on his word on the winter fuel allowance (presumably already agreed with Nick Clegg and Danny Alexander).

Cable’s conceit is that without him the coalition is nothing: he believes he holds power of life or death over it.

Another point worth making is about the gap between private and public statements. The contrast between what Mr Cable says in public and what he believes in private is glaring - and he is embarrassed because he has been found out.

(photo: Anthony Devlin/PA)

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