Thursday, 16 December 2010

Reading Transport Hub Bub

Going into Westminster for a meeting this morning I had to fight my way past a load of men in suits who were causing a pretty inconvenient nuisance of themselves in the main concourse at Reading Station, standing around in a circle slapping each other on the back.

Then it dawned on me that amongst this group were the council leader Andrew Cumpsty, his side-kick deputy Kirsten Bayes, transport spokesperson Richard Willis and the town's two MPs.

I can only assume that they were all gathered together to plan the next coalition transport cock-up, building on their early successes of:

- The Shinfield Road Roundabout Debacle
- The Willis Stealth Tax On Kerb Parking
- The Rethink On Charging £300 For Discretionary Parking Permits
- The U-Turn On Overnight Parking Meter Charges

I'm sure that this lot will be doing their best to maintain their track-record with the closure of Reading Railway Station over Christmas!

(photo: YulMok/PA)

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