Monday, 3 January 2011

The Only Way Is Up

Under the Lib Dem / Tory coalition government:

* fuel prices are up to an all time high - with more to come in the spring
* train fares are up again, even though they were already the most expensive in Europe
* VAT is going up tomorrow
* Tuition fees are going up
* Inflation is up
* Unemployment is up

It's under their watch.

And when national and local coalition voices say we have to endure these things while they "clear up the mess left by Labour", they don't want you to remember that:

* Labour had cut the level of borrowing and debt inherited from the Conservatives in 1997
* going into the banking crisis, the UK had the second lowest debt of the G7 countries
* bailing out the private bankers was supported by the Lib Dems & Tories

Now the poorest are left to pick up the bill, while the Lib Dems prop up a Tory government and join in making unnecessary and unfair cuts.

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