Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Reading Street Parking Changes "Unsatisfactory Process" - Official

The process to implement controversial Lib Dem / Tory plans to impose fines on householders forced to park their cars on the kerbs of pavements has been described as "unsatisfactory" and "demonstrated both confusion and a need for a clearer definition of what the exemption would be".

This official view by RBC came in response to questions raised concerning the rather secretive way that councillors were seeking to choose which streets would be included and others left out - without any opportunity for public comment. The deadline for councillors to respond ended last October.

The response also includes a comment worthy of a "Yes Minister" Sir Humphrey Appleby:

"In terms of public interest, and transparency, it is not considered that the public interest is best served through publishing an incomplete list of recommended roads or comments received from Councillors seeking clarification of the process being followed. Such a publication would likely to be misunderstood, and could cause unnecessary public confusion and anxiety, which would not be in the public interest."

This sounds terribly like "There, there, the council knows best."

The whole debacle returns to Cabinet on 17 January.

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