Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Revenge Of The Parking Meters?

It's been clear for a while that the Lib Dem / Tory Alliance on Reading Council has badly mishandled the whole "kerb parking" issue.

Jan Gavin has summarised the sorry saga, which would be comical if put on the stage - a real farce!

In essence, first they say they want a borough wide ban, with a few exceptions determined by councillors in secret; now they say, that was never their intention!

However, so embittered by their failures, word has reached me that the Council leadership are now secretly planning on expanding the coverage of parking meters in Redlands - despite a clear assurance from the lead councillor to the contrary.

Cllr Richard Willis wrote on this blog on 4 October 2010:

"We are proposing a two year trial of the technology in the town centre only. IF that is successful then we will consider rolling it out to some other areas including the University and Hospital areas."

Working on plans to extend the scheme now seems a long way from a two year town centre trial and an assessment doesn't it.

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