Saturday, 29 January 2011

Shameless Fib Dems At It Again

Walking with my family into town today I came across Cllrs Bayes (opposite) and Goodall distributing a newsletter from the Lib Dems - the first in quite a while.

Despite the improved appearance, it was still full of the usual disinformation and spin. Didn't they learn any lessons from Oldham East & Saddleworth?

Here are some examples:

Claim: "On Target for Council Tax Freeze" (next to a picture of Bayes - not the one used here - that looks like it has had the same "air brush" treatment as Cameron did in the General Election) forgetting to mention that every council has been offered a bribe to freeze council tax and cut services this year.

Claim: "Your Money Our Promise" which makes a potentially libellous statement (which I will not repeat here) about Labour Candidate Jan Gavin.

Claim: "Local Action on Empty Homes" has Daisy Benson praising the government, but makes no mention that the same Lib Dem supported government has curbed council powers to act on empty homes.

And so it goes on.

They didn't want to stop and discuss these and other issues. Redlands has a history of tossing councillors out of power - I increasingly believe that we will do the same to Bayes on 5 May.


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