Thursday, 3 February 2011

Five Lib Dem Councillors Quit Party

BBC South's Peter Henley has the details of three Lib Dem councillors quitting the party in Eastleigh, variously saying they were "disillusioned with the local and national party".

One of them, Councillor Glynn Davies-Dear, said that he had initially supported the coalition government's policies to reduce government debt but now felt that it was going wrong.

"No matter how dire our financial situation, I don't think the poorest should be paying to bail us out. The blow is falling hardest on those who can least afford it."

He also criticised his former party's change of policy on tuition fees saying: "I can't appear on the doorstep and say 'trust me I'm a Liberal Democrat' if my elders and betters are breaking their promises."

Meanwhile, just up the M3 in Winchester, two more Lib Dem councillors have also quit.

According to the Hampshire Chronicle Cllr Adrian Hicks said he was "furious over national issues such as tuition fees and education maintenance allowance".

Something tells me they won't be the last.

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