Saturday, 26 February 2011

Clegg Goes Skiing In Switzerland As Brits Left Stranded In Libya

We are told that the last of the Brits are being helped to flee Libya today, but Tory grandee Lord Tebbit questions "Why did it take so long? Many other countries were able to organise flights to repatriate their nationals, so why were we so slow off the mark?"

Was it that with Cameron in the Middle East, Clegg was supposed to assume some responsibility?

Clegg is paid £135,000 to be Deputy Prime Minister, but when he was asked whether he was in charge while the Prime Minister was away, sipping from a mug marked “Deputy Prime Minister” he said

“Yeah, I suppose I am. I forgot about that. I’m holding the fort but I’m hoping to take the end of the week off with my kids. Someone else will have to do it then. It sounds more haphazard than it probably is."

Within hours of giving the interview, to the Metro newspaper, Mr Clegg did indeed head on holiday to his family ski chalet in Switzerland departing on Tuesday – a day after Mr Cameron left for his tour of the Middle East. His aides said that he was due to land back in the UK on Thursday night – just as Mr Cameron also touched down.

Perhaps only in Clegg's world Tuesday is "the end of the week".

Tebbit concludes that Cameron "can ill afford to let the accusation that the Coalition is a government of muddlers go unanswered".

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