Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Dead Man Walking - Swaine Out Indefinitely

I hear today that there's no way back for Warren Swaine and that he will have the Lib Dem whip removed from him for good.

It is said that far from a 14 day or even a 14 week ban as I reported earlier, he has been suspended indefinitely.

Not by the local party, of course, as they didn't have the guts to do it - or perhaps they don't agree that Swaine should have been suspended: either way, they're not saying. Perhaps they would like to say.

Now with Katesgrove Lib Dems in disarray, I suspect they will give up and put all the efforts they can muster into trying to save Kirsten Bayes' neck in Redlands - where, frankly, she too is another Dead Man Walking.

Well, we've been expecting this for months.

65 days to election day - bring it on!

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