Tuesday, 19 April 2011

AV: What Churchill Actually Said About "First Past The Post"

Despite the rather thin claims of Cameron, Osborne, Reid et al, this is what Winston Churchill actually said about the current "first past the post" method of electing MPs:

"The present system has clearly broken down. The results produced are not fair to any party, nor to any section of the community. In many cases they do not secure majority representation, nor do they secure an intelligent representation of minorities. All they secure is fluke representation, freak representation, capricious representation."

Under the present system, if you are a Tory voter in the Rhondda Valley or a Labour voter in Surrey Heath, you can vote all your life and never make a difference - your vote is amost worthless. Are those fair votes? No.

And, by the way, isn't AV used by both Labour and Tories to elect their party leaders?

Yes to AV.

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