Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Lib Dems Bring Back Rubbish Bags: Foxes Delighted!

In another ill thought out scheme, lacking any consultation, the Lib Dems have once again decided that "they know best" in Redlands and decided to introduce the collection of rubbish in bags instead of bins in some streets.

While this move will delight the local foxes - and encourage more to roam Redlands' streets at night, ripping the bags open - as the official council report notes it will actually contribute to a reduction in recycling in the town, so pushing up charges on the council.

Neither does there appear to be any consistency in the selection of the streets listed, let alone pre-discussion with residents.

I understand, though, that Kirsten Bayes was still referring to "bin collections" at last night's council cabinet meeting.

Ah well, only a matter of days now until May 5th, when we can throw out this Lib Dem rubbish!

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