Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Clegg: You Can't Trust Anything He Signs

You would have thought that after the "Cledge" fiasco of signing the pledge to abolish student fees, then voting to triple them, Nick Clegg would have been more careful about signing anything else.

But no, there was Nick Clegg as one of the three signatures gracing the foreword of the White Paper on health reform. The other two were David Cameron and Andrew Lansley.

Just to show this was not done in some fit of absent-mindedness, the Deputy Prime Minister spoke of his great enthusiasm for the reforms pointing out that the Liberal Democrats had fought the general election committed to scrapping primary care trusts and strategic health authorities.

Now Clegg says "As far as government legislation is concerned, no Bill is better than a bad one and I want to get this right. Getting these changes right — protecting the NHS not undermining it — is my number one priority."

So if Clegg was deeply committed to the health reforms in January, why has he flip-flopped in May?

Could it be the crushing defeat of Lib Dem candidates at the local elections and the massive rejection of his coalition Danegeld vote on AV has much to do with it?

Either way, we can't trust anything that bears Clegg's toxic signature.

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