Sunday, 8 May 2011

A Few More Predictions ...

Over the past year I've made a number of predictions which were denied and derided at the time, but subsequently proved to be true, including:

* Gareth Epps would stand down from the council - 17 Nov 2010.

He did.

Kisten Bayes would lose in Redlands at the May 2011 council elections - 9 Dec 2010.

She did.

Warren Swaine would fall foul of the Standards Committee again - 10 Feb 2011.

He did.

There would be a LibDem/Conservative trist at the May elections - 17 Nov 2010.

"I urge all Lib Dems and Conservatives in Redlands ward to unite to keep Labour from reclaiming the ward." - Richard Willis, 5 May 2011

So here are a few more:

* LibDem Glenn Goodall will not stand in Redlands at the May 2012 council elections.

* Regardless of who stands for the LibDems, Labour will again win in Redlands in 2012.

* Labour will gain overall control of the council after the 2012 council elections.

* The LibDems will be reduced to just 3 seats in 2012.

* Daisy Benson will not stand for re-election to the council in 2014, stating her intention to seek election as an MP (outside of Reading) instead.

Dismiss them at your peril!

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