Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Lib Dem MP David Laws Suspended

The MP who Clegg and Cameron were desperate to get back into the Cabinet - particularly as Huhne and Cable look increasingly unreliable - has been suspended from the House of Commons following an investigation into his expense claims.

David Laws has had the most serious punishment imposed on any parliamentarian by fellow MPs following the expenses scandal.

The Prime Minister had hoped that Laws, who was popular among Conservatives as well as Liberal Democrats, would return to the cabinet soon, but this has now been ruled out.

Laws was Chief Secretary to the Treasury for 17 days last May, but resigned after The Daily Telegraph reported that he had claimed more than £40,000 to pay rent to James Lundie, his boyfriend, despite MPs having been banned from paying rent to family members or partners since 2006.

It is understood that in total the millionaire former banker Laws claimed more than £100,000, despite providing virtually no documentary evidence in support of the claims. After new rules were introduced demanding that MPs produce bills or receipts to back up such claims, Laws’s claims dropped sharply.

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