Friday, 6 May 2011

Welcome Councillor Gavin!

In a fantastic turnaround in Redlands Labour's Jan Gavin has unseated the LibDem Leader and Deputy Leader of the Council Kirsten Bayes - or as the Reading Post called it "the highest profile victim".

The Chronicle had "In a morning full of surprises LibDem leader Kirsten Bayes - an architect of the coalition this time last year - lost her seat in Redlands ward."

The only thing was that it was no surprise at all. The full result was:

Jan Gavin, Labour, 1,295 votes
Lib Dem, 757 votes
Conservatives, 526 votes
Green, 345 votes

Labour romped home, turning a Lib Dem majority of 762 votes in 2010 into a Labour majority of 538.

Jan has been a brilliant candidate and will certainly be an excellent councillor - well done Jan!

PS I suppose with Bayes and Epps safely despatched, the coast is now clear for Daisy to become LibDem Leader - nice!

PPS I will be asking Redlands Labour Party to consider me as a candidate in the 2012 elections, where LibDem Glenn Goodall is the incumbent.

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