Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Royal Air Farce

Cameron's clumsy Strategic Defence and Security Review continues to draw fire from within the armed services, as well as at home and amongst our allies abroad.

When Air Chief Marshal Sir Simon Bryant said that "huge" demands were being placed on the RAF and morale among airmen was, as a result, "fragile", he was told by the Prime Minister to stop "sniping".

Cuts earlier this year saw a quarter of trainee pilots made redundant, some within hours of qualification, wasting up to £4m a pilot, Tornado squadrons scrapped, the versatile Harrier jump jets sold "for peanuts", which as a consequence could leave Britain unable to defend its air space, counter threats from hostile states or conduct major foreign military campaigns.

With "rock bottom morale" it is time to reopen the Strategic Defence and Security Review: the country and our armed services deserve better from a government apparently lacking in any coherent defence strategy worthy of the name.


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