Monday, 4 July 2011

Why Don't Lib Dems Care About Education?

Why don't Lib Dems care about education?

We know they lied over their now notorious pledge to vote against any increase in student fees.

But now even some of their activists (but not in Reading) are beginning to ask "Is Lib Dem education policy simply "Let Michael Gove do what ever he wants"? This Lib Dem councillor (and teacher) concludes that the Lib Dems have "a total lack of influence over education policy" in Parliament.

Yet sadly in Redlands local Lib Dems appear to show little interest in education matters. Local councillors usually share school governor responsibilities in their ward, but Benson, Goodall (and defeated Bayes) obviously have never made this a priority.

I hear that they didn't even bother to turn up to a meeting at Redlands Primary School today to discuss road safety issues with parents.

You don't have to be a parent to care about education, but the Lib Dems in Redlands just don't get it.

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