Tuesday, 5 July 2011

You Can't Trust The Lib Dems On Nuclear Power

When is a promise not to subsidise the building of new nuclear power stations with public money, not a promise?

When it's just another Lib Dem hollow pledge cast aside in their eagerness to support the Tory-led government.

The coalition agreement declared that the "Liberal Democrats have long opposed any new nuclear construction. Conservatives, by contrast, are committed to allowing the replacement of existing nuclear power stations provided that they are subject to the normal planning process for major projects (under a new National Planning Statement), and also provided that they receive no public subsidy."

The first sign of change was the rather over-eager about face by the Lib Dem Energy Sectretary Chris Huhne.

In 2006 while in opposition Huhne had said “We do not believe that nuclear has a part to play in the energy generation future of this country.” In 2007 Huhne described nuclear power as a “tried, tested and failed” technology. By October 2010, now in government, "Shameless Huhne" was trumpeting the building of eight new nuclear power stations.

But it doesn't just stop there.

Not only have they flip-flopped on building new nuclear power stations, they've also agreed a massive public subsidy to the private energy companies: that will have pleased the Tories.

The last Budget handed a windfall gain to the nuclear industry from 2013 onwards of £50 millions per year, thereby enriching their private profits, but will do nothing to curb steeply rising household energy costs, or help reduce those facing fuel poverty.

Remember, the Lib Dems try to claim the moral high ground in public, yet behind the scenes in Government Departments, Clegg, Alexander, Cable and the rest are actively supporting Tory policies. At least the Tories don't pretend about these things.

Are they just Tory dupes? They can't be that stupid, can they? Make up your own mind.

But just as with tuition fees, the Lib Dems say one thing and do another.

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