Sunday, 25 September 2011

Prime Minister, The People Are Hurting

We are told by David Cameron and Nick Clegg that there is no alternative to the cuts. No Plan B to be contemplated instead of their austerity package.

Yet when the coalition embarked upon their 4 year dash to “rebalance the economy” they said the private sector would step up to create the jobs slashed in the public sector and help support our local economies. But that hasn’t happened.

Unemployment is rising, with a million young jobless and more women out of work than at any time since 1988. The economy is sliding back into recession, while the banks sit on stock piles of capital unwilling to lend to small businesses or would be mortgagees. Property developers sit on land banks, waiting for easier planning laws, while the country cries out for new housing. Food prices at record highs and train travel becoming unaffordable for many. Hospital waiting lists grow ever longer, as operations are rationed. And we now have a record prison population.

And hidden fuel poverty waiting in the wings to become a winter killer for 7 million families while Chris Huhne blames for us for being too lazy to shop around to get a better deal.

Remember when Cameron and Clegg used to claim “We’re all in this together”. They’ve stopped saying that lately.

Coalition ministers – Tories and Liberal Democrats alike – have little experience of unemployment or life on benefits. In fact, 23 of 29 Cabinet ministers are millionaires with little understanding of economic hardship. Not since the late 1950s has Britain been governed by politicians representing such a narrow social base. But at least MacMillan and his millionaire colleagues believed in the universal welfare state. Cameron and his rich chums, in contrast, are engaged in a war on welfare.

Prime Minister, the people are hurting. Are you listening?

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