Saturday, 10 September 2011

Reading Lib Dems: "W**kers"

The latest edition of the Lib Dem's newsletter contains the following pledge: "Liberal Democrats will not personally attack any fellow councillors, regardless of their Party".

Well, that's another Lib Dem pledge that didn't last long, as earlier this week Lib Dem Cllr Goodall commented on the outcome of the Council's Transport Management Panel on Twitter thus (8 Sep):

"Politicians love their games! Labour really are a bunch of wankers!"

An apparently ill prepared and stumbling Goodall had failed to have any impact on the Panel.

However he does have a hisory of rather nasty tweets and making false and malicious claims - which the Police ignore.

He must know that he nor any other Lib Dem can win in Redlands in 2012, but the real question is will the Lib Dem leader Benson take any action against Goodall?

She certainly failed to act against Warren Swaine, choosing in fact along with their then leader Kirsten Bayes, to ignore his national suspension.

Goodness knows what decent Lib Dems like Gareth Epps make of this, as he goes off to their National Conference, seeing the reputation of Reading Lib Dems being dragged deeper into the dirt.

Empty pledges, nasty politics.

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