Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Stand With Labour

I'm proud that my 100th post of the year is a message from Ed Miliband:

I have just finished giving my speech to Labour’s Annual Conference and I wanted to write to you straight away. The way Britain is run is letting people down and holding our country back. For too long our economy and our society have rewarded the wrong people with the wrong values.

We need to build an economy that rewards the right people with the right values.

I’m asking you to ask one friend or family member to stand with Labour as a supporter.

A new bargain matters to people up and down our country. I wasn’t just speaking to Labour members in the hall when I said that I am the guy who is determined to break the closed circles of Britain. It was a message for the whole country.

As young people confront the choices they have in life, they see routes to success today based on the wrong set of values.

Ask a friend to stand with us as a Labour Supporter and together we will build a society that rewards hard work and the people who help each other.

Today, Labour said "no more". We need change and we need a new bargain. We need an economy built on the values of hard work, something for something, the long-term.

We see the need for a new bargain when we look at what this Government is doing. Young people, doing the right thing, wanting to go to higher education are going to find that their hard work and ambition will be punished with tens of thousands of pounds of debt.

And yet at the same time, George Osborne plans cuts in corporation tax for the banks.

These aren’t my values. I know they are not yours either. If your friend shares our values then ask them to stand with us as a Labour Supporter today

I don’t want to be Prime Minister so we can have more of the same. I want us to build a country together where each of us can reach our potential. Where together, we fulfil the Promise of Britain.

Ask a friend to stand with us and make that possible. Ask a friend to help us build a Britain based on Britain’s values: hard work, helping each other and something for something.

Thank you,

Ed Miliband
Leader of the Labour Party

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