Saturday, 3 September 2011

The Tory Minister, The Tory Donor And A Contract To Supply Oil

The Daily Telegraph reports how an oil firm whose chief executive has bankrolled the Conservatives won valuable rights to trade with Libyan rebels during the conflict, following secret talks involving the British Government.

The report goes on to suggest that the deal with Vitol - a firm previously fined for making payments to a Serbian warlord - was said to have been masterminded by Tory Minister Alan Duncan, the former oil trader turned junior minister, who has close business links to the oil firm and was previously a director of one of its subsidiaries.

Many will remember that this is the same Alan Duncan who at the height of the MP's Expenses Scandal, said that MPs (who are paid around £64,000 a year – within the top 4% of the population) were having, "to live on rations and are treated like shit."

Mr Duncan who had previously boasted about his second home allowance on Have I Got News For You was later forced to repay thousands of pounds he had claimed for gardening costs. Since 2001, he had claimed a total of £143,392 in second home allowance, despite owning two properties in Westminster, one of which he had rented out.

Mr Duncan's Westminster career has also included his resignation from his first government position as PPS to the Minister of Health, after it emerged that he had used the right-to-buy council house programme to make profits on property deals.

Mr Duncan remains a Minister in the Coalition Government.

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