Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Cumpsty Out

Cumpsty and Luckett look for Plan B in Caversham
Local Tory Leader Andrew Cumpsty told last night's full Council meeting of his intention to stand down as leader of the Conservative group.

In perhaps a telling turn of phrase, Andrew thanked his friends on the council "many of whom are in the Conservative Group".

In my opinion and experience Andrew is a decent bloke, ill served by the warring factions in the local Conservative Associations.

The fact that his rag-bag coalition with the local Lib Dems was booted out of office after only one year, despite the national bribe of a council tax freeze, shows the lack of real political strategy or understanding.

The idea of pouring resources into Battle ward last May was one visible example of cluttered thinking, but perhaps that wasn't his decision.

Tory Richard Willis and Lib Dem Glenn Goodall were notable absentees for the statement last night. The pair obviously had more important things to do than be at the council meeting.

Logo courtesy of Dave Luckett

Andrew's statement was met with warm applause from all around the council chamber.

He must know, however, that Caversham is now vulnerable to a resurgent local Labour Party already doing great work on the ground and that his fellow Tory Dave Luckett will probably lose his seat next May. Expect Andrew to bow out gracefully long before the 2014 election.

One comment Andrew made last night did make me and others laugh: his observation that in five years as Tory leader, he had worked with four Lib Dem leaders!

'Nough said.

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