Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Cumpsty To Stand Down In 2012

Andrew or Dave - Who Quits First?
When Councillor Andrew Cumpsty announced last month that he was giving up the Leadership of the Tory Group I predicted that he would also leave the council when next up for election in 2014.

My reasons for thinking this would happen were based on a number of factors: he'd fulfilled an ambition to lead the council (albeit for just one year}; my impression of his growing unhappiness with all the turmoil in the East Reading Conservative Association; and that the Tory hold on Caversham is rapidly loosening.

However, word now reaches me that in fact Andrew wants to quit the council at the next election, two years ahead of time. (I've even been given the name of his replacement candidate)

This would cause a huge dilemma for the Tories.

Dave Luckett's seat is up next May, but with Labour's Richard Davies already running a very effective campaign in Caversham, Dave has been wobbling. If both he and Andrew were to step down at the same time, they would certainly open the door for Labour to pick up at least one of the seats - if not both. Pressure is therefore mounting on the luckless Luckett to stay on.

Andrew is a nice bloke and deserved more support than he's been given.

Expect immediate denials - followed by the real announcements next April!

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