Sunday, 27 November 2011

Lib Dem Desperate Rebranding

Lib Dems Want To Claim Credit For Abolishing Slavery
The Liberal Democrats are so desperate to shake off their growing image as "Yellow Tories" they are planning to rebrand their party it has emerged .

Advisors have suggested for more "short-term themes, straplines and sound bites" to boost the party's popularity amid demands to take more credit for historic reforms such as the abolition of slavery.

The project comes as Nick Clegg's party is slumping in the opinion polls. A YouGov survey today puts it on just 11 per cent - way behind Labour on 43 per cent and the Conservatives on 34 per cent.

As I noted last year, party chiefs have been concerned for some time that the Lib Dem identity was being lost because of the coalition with the Conservatives - more often seen as these days as simply being Yellow Conservatives.

MPs should also, they were told, claim more credit for "liberal" achievements of the past such as the abolition of slavery - even though the leading abolitionist, William Wilberforce, was an independent MP.

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