Thursday, 10 November 2011

A New Secondary School For East Reading: Sign The Petition

I have long held the view that we need a new secondary school in east Reading.

Currently many parents in east Reading have no choice other than to find a place for their children to undertake their secondary education in schools in neighbouring Wokingham.

It is hard not to be disappointed with the news that the Government has given the go ahead for a new secondary school in east Reading will only take pupils from 14 upwards - and not from the age of 11 as parents hoped.

It should be stressed that any new education provision is a plus, and such schools will go a long way to equipping less academic youngsters with the technical skills to become assets on the increasingly tough job market.

But at an already confusing time in a young person's life it will be highly disconcerting to be moving schools after two years and just before GCSE courses begin, and schools face having their year nine stripped of pupils heading for a UCT.

So please consider signing the petition here and pass it on. Contact me if you want paper copies.

Here's the wording in full:

"We, the undersigned, call upon Michael Gove as Secretary of State for Education and the Department for Education to reconsider the decision to only fund a new technology based secondary school in east Reading.

We call upon Michael Gove and the DfE to invest in an 11 to 19 years comprehensive school which will offer a high quality, wide ranging curriculum to all young people in east Reading."

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