Friday, 2 December 2011

Lib Dems: Come Home To Labour

Just as thousands of disaffected Lib Dem voters are turning to Labour up and down the land - including here in Reading - news reaches me of a possible high profile switch amongst their steadily decreasing band of councillors.

Secret, tentative, informal and completely unofficial talks have apparently taken place with at least one Lib Dem councillor (a former Labour Party member in their past) who seems to be increasingly fed-up with the role their national leadership is playing in propping up the right-wing toxic Tory Government.

The cuts to Working Tax Credits, Child Benefits and OAP Winter Fuel Allowances may just be the last straws to force a change. On the other hand, our friend may feel obliged to wait until after next May's impending disaster at the polls before jumping ship.

Take it from me, there will always be a place in the Labour Party for people who are prepared to work hard in their community and stand up for decent hard working people and those less well off.

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