Wednesday, 28 December 2011

National Trust Cuts Solar Power Plans

While the Coalition government is preparing it's appeal to the law courts which ruled their cuts to solar panel "feed in tariffs" illegal, the National Trust has decided that only two of its 14 planned solar projects would now go ahead.

Solar panels on country mansions were part of the trust’s plans to halve its energy use over the next 10 years and save money at the same time.

Under the “feed-in tariff” scheme, the Government offers to pay for any surplus energy fed into the grid from solar panels. However, despite teh recent set-back in the courts, the government is still planning to reduce the payment to owners of panels to 20p per kwh of electricity, rather than 42p, making it a much poorer investment for households and businesses.

Their claims to be the "greenest government ever" now seem a remote and sadly hollow claim - remember that next time Lib Dem Environment Minister Chris Huhne starts to lecture us.

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