Friday, 9 December 2011

RBH: Doctors "Spitting Blood" At Move To Sack CEO

Consultatnts & GPs Fury
Word reaches me that there is something of an internecine power battle unfolding within the Royal Berks Hospital.

Following the clumsy attempt to sack CEO Ed Donald (who contrary to some reports has not been sacked and has refused to resign) has caused considerable uneasiness about the future of the Trust Chair and Non-Executive Directors.
The botched move has caused "fury" amongst senior medical staff, some of whom are said to be "spitting blood" (never a pretty sight in a hospital), having moved a vote of no confidence in Trust Chair Colin Maclean at a packed meeting earlier this week and demanded the return of their CEO.

The Non-Exec Directors, who include RCRE's Rajinder Sophal, should also be aware that the local PCT and new South Reading Commissioning Group of GPs are also said to be up in arms, with threats of removing £5million worth of patient contracts if Donald is not allowed to return to his role.

Some Governors are now said to be calling for the removal of all the NEDs - let's hope they have the back-bone to see it through.

Nurse, scalpel please!

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