Monday, 30 January 2012

Cameron's U Turn On Veto

Remember all the big talk about how Cameron had saved the nation from all those nasty Europeans by bravely wielding his "Veto".

Well, this is how Conservative Home sees it now:

"Cameron's veto has all but died" and "A capitulation".

Leading Tory MEP Dan Hannan is clear:

"December's 'veto' turns out to be nothing of the kind; at best, it is a partial opt-out. Britain had asked for concessions in return for allowing the other member states to use EU institutions and structures for their fiscal compact. No such concessions were forthcoming, but we have given them permission anyway. The only difference is that, because the deal was done in a separate treaty structure, the PM doesn't have to put anything through the House of Commons. We had a generational opportunity to improve our relationship with the EU. That opportunity has passed."

Martin Callanan, leader of Tory MEPs, has come to a similar conclusion:

"There is no doubt that the Government's position has altered since the December summit when they were insisting the Institutions could not be used."

Even poor, old Iain Duncan Smith was adamant on Sunday's Andrew Marr show that Cameron would uphold the veto: Canmeron's made him look a right chump!

Typical Cameron: big talk, little action.

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