Thursday, 12 January 2012

Cancer Patients And Disabled Set To Pay For Bankers' Failure

Welfare reform plans which cut support for cancer patients and the disabled were defeated in the House of Lords last night  - but the Lib Dem / Tory coalition government immediately said that it will "seek to reverse the amendments".

Members of the House of Lords last night rejected proposals to limit the availability of the employment and support allowance (ESA), which would mean significant cuts for many of the most vulnerable in our society.
However, Labour said the coalition had been defeated for trying to "cross the basic line of British decency. The British public do not accept the idea that the banks screw up and very disabled people pay the bill.”

Opponents of the reform urged ministers not to try to reinstate the measures in the Commons. However, Chris Grayling, the Employment Minister, said the Government would seek to over-turn the Lords' amendments and would press ahead with the cuts.

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