Wednesday, 25 January 2012

We STILL Need A New Secondary School In East Reading

Lib Dems:"An Earley School For Earley Children"
Last November I started a petition requesting that the Government reconsider the decision to open a new secondary school in East Reading - but only for 14 to 19 year olds. The original post is here. Since then, hundreds of people have signed the paper-based petition, as well as more being aware of the e.petition.

The e.petition can be found here.

Now, further information shows that schools in Reading and Wokingham will be full by 2014. Further housing development plans in Wokingham will only add to these pressures and will, in time, make it even more difficult to access secondary school places.

We know the Tories hate the thought of Reading school children being educated in Wokingham schools, and as can been seen on the Earley Lib Dem website, they too campaign  for "an Earley School for Earley's children". The recent admissions review can surely only be a sticking plaster for a long outstanding problem.

So we must make sure that we protect the interests of future school children in East Reading by demanding that the Government think again, and not waste the current opportunity to provide a full 11 to 19 years secondary school by 2014.

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