Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Nick Clegg: You Can't Trust Anything He Signs

So Nick Clegg has "co-signed" a letter with Shirley Williams calling for changes to the unwanted NHS Bill - though the Tories are already claiming this is a joint effort with them!

In a response to stern questioning from shadow health secretary Andy Burnham, Mr Lansley said "My right honourable friend (Mr Clegg) together with Baroness Shirley Williams was explaining to their Liberal Democrat colleagues the amendments which we have been working together on in order to make sure there is further reassurance, that is literally true." So much for all that posturing of standing up to the Tories.

But hang on, Clegg has form when it comes to signing things.

It was Clegg who "co-signed" the original White Paper which originally proposed these expensive and unnecessary proposals for the top-down reorganisation of the NHS in July 2010.

Not Worth The Paper It's Written On
And it was Clegg who also along with Cameron signed off the original NHS Bill in Cabinet in December 2010. He then took to the airwaves in January 2011 to defend the plans. His MPs have backed the bill in parliament at every stage so far, and in the committee it was his Lib Dem health minister who led rejection of Labour's amendments to make the changes Clegg now claims he wants.

And we all remember Clegg's signed "Pledge" not to increase university tuition fees before the last election.

One is left to conclude that this latest autograph has less to do with the NHS, but more to do with trying to save his skin at the forthcoming Lib Dem's Spring Conference in Newcastle / Gateshead early next month.

At least one local respected Lib Dem, Gareth Epps, has had the guts to ask if this latest Clegg tactic is "Good News Or A Ploy?" Of course, Daisy Benson and Redlands Lib Dems have continued to back Clegg and this NHS Bill every step of the way.

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