Friday, 2 March 2012

Clegg Confirms He Really Does Back The NHS Bill

Cameron and Clegg: Privatising the NHS
It was beginning to get a bit confusing as to where Nick Clegg actually stood on the NHS Bill.

First he was pleased to be jointly proposing it with David Cameron. Then, more lately, he seemed to be scheming behind Cameron's back, apparently urging Lib Dems in the House of Lords to scupper it.

But at this week's Prime Minister's Questions Clegg made his position clear, stating unequivocally that he does indeed back the troubled legislation, which could see up to 49% of NHS hospital beds be put in the hands of profit-making private companies.

That will undoubtedly come as some relief to Lib Dems in Redlands, where Daisy Benson and their latest candidate are supporters of the controversial NHS changes too.

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