Saturday, 3 March 2012

Clegg Set To Ignore Party Over NHS Bill

Clegg Said THe NHS Bill Was Something The Lib Dems Could All Get Behind
Nick Clegg, so desperate to hang on to his personal position as Deputy Prime Minister / Lap Dog to the Conservatives, looks set to ignore his own party over the unwanted NHS Bill, according to the Independent, even if it risks haemorraging hundreds of councillors at  May's council elections.

The Liberal Democrats meet in Gateshead next weekend where some rebel  activists will attempt to table an emergency motionto drop the NHS Bill. However, Clegg believes the majority in his party will still be in favour of supporting the amended Bill.

But Clegg suffered a setback this week when Graham Winyard, the former deputy Chief Medical Officer, resigned from the party in protest at the leadership's backing for the Bill.

Dr Winyard, who was chairman of Winchester Liberal Democrats until last year, told Mr Clegg in a letter "It is just not sensible to impose this top-down reorganisation on an NHS struggling to meet the biggest financial challenge in its history. To continue to do so in the face of near unanimous opposition from patient, staff and professional organisations simply invites slow motion disaster both for the NHS and for the party."

He said that he had no option but to resign "with great sadness".

Well done Dr Winyard.

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